Technique Bar – 8kg


Gone are the days where you have to pay big bucks for a technique bar with terrible bearing action and poor overall quality. The Maverick Technique Bar brings a whole new level of fit and finish to the technique bar game.

Technique bars are dual purpose in that they allow more advanced athletes to work technique at reduced loads without sacrificing the feel of an Olympic Barbell while also providing a lighter option for lifters who may not yet be ready to move straight to a full sized bar. Whether you’re a garage athlete or commercial facility, there is good reason to have at least one of these in your arsenal.

The Maverick Technique Bar features an anodized aluminium shaft (25mm) and a hardened chrome finish on sleeves that rotate on needle bearings. Importantly, the spacing between sleeves is wide enough to fit on a standard squat rack.

*Please note that these bars are rated to 40kg and are not intended to be dumped. Dumping the barbells and or overloading them will void warranty (2 year).

Weight 8kg
Bar length 1830mm
Shaft diameter 25mm
Sleeve length 240mm
Sleeve diamater 50mm
Needle bearings
No centre knurling

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 180 × 10 × 10 cm

Black, Blue, Pink


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