Kids Pull-up Bar


Why should the adults have all the fun!

After a lot of feedback from parents indicating that their kids wanted to be part of their workouts, we decided it was only right to offer a kids line of equipment.

Much time and effort was put into designing the kids line to ensure that it was aesthetically pleasing, space efficient and most importantly – fully functional for smaller bodies.
The kids pull-up bar features the same textured powder coat finish as our adult line of rigs and is pin mounted for easy re positioning as your child grows.

The kids line of equipment is made with the same gauge of materials as the adult versions, through the same manufacturing processes – make no mistake these aren’t toys!

The kids pull-up bar along with the kids wall ball target and dip bar has been designed to be compatible with the kids mounting post as a stand alone rig or can be mounted on any upright from the M-R75 range of rigs.

We hope that the Maverick line of kids equipment can be the catalyst for helping the next generation of athletes to realise the benefits of physical activity!

-900mm long handle.
-Textured matte black powder coat for secure grip.
-Pin mounted for easy removal or re positioning.
-Made in Australia.


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 100 × 20 × 8 cm

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