Jerk Blocks


Any athlete who has trained heavy repeated overhead lifts will understand the value of jerk blocks. Having to return a heavy bar back to the shoulders or a squat rack after each set is extremely taxing and reduces the amount of productive training that can be achieved in a session.

The Maverick Steel Jerk Blocks solve that problem by allowing the user to adjust the height of the blocks so that the front rack position can easily be resumed and then dumped from overhead after each set. Furthermore, steel Jerk Blocks offer an advantage over timber style blocks in that they offer more incremental height adjustment (every 50mm) and provide a better view of the lower body for a coach to see during a lift.

Maverick Steel Jerk Blocks feature a bolt together construction allowing for more economical freight yet give away nothing in strength or stability.
The heavily reinforced top plate measures 760 x 580mm and features a rubber surface to absorb energy and reduce noise and has a large lip at each end to stop your bar rolling off the blocks.

Each leg has 6 height adjustments spaced at 50mm intervals allowing the blocks to be adjusted from 900mm to 1200mm. Height is set by a simple pin system than can be adjusted by a single user.

– Bolt together steel construction.
– 760mm x 580mm top plate.
– Height adjustable from 900mm to 1200mm.
– Matte black powdercoat finish.

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