Double Stall/Multi Grip Pull-up Bar


Calisthenics Heaven! This set up provides an almost endless number of core strength, flexibility, balance and gymnastics pulling exercises.

Please note that the pictured item is finished in optional Parakeet Green powder coat.

Proudly Australian Made
Double stall bar.
Multi Grip Pull-up bar.
4 x Pull-up bar hangers.

Stall Bars
1200mm wide x 2400mm tall.
150mm stall bar spacing.
34mm bar diametre.
Textured powder coat on stall bars.

Multi Grip Pull-up Bar
1800mm long x 600mm wide.
Various grip options to suit your calisthenics needs.
34mm bar diametre.
Textured powder coat.

Wall Mounted Pull-up Bars
Extend 1000mm from the wall.
2 x pull-up bars per assembly.
34mm bar diametre.
Textured powder coat.



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