Dip Bar (M-R75)



  • 500mm wide
  • 450mm x 40mm handles
  • HDPE sleeve to protect rig from scratching
  • Tapered handle arrangement to accommodate various athlete sizes.
  • Australian designed and made.


Dips have been described as the upper body equivalent of the squat and should be a staple in any good strength and conditioning program.

The Maverick Dip Bar (M-R75) has been designed to easily attach to the uprights of any M-R75 Maverick Rig can be removed or re-positioned in seconds.

The Maverick Dip Bar features a HDPE (plastic) internal sleeve to prevent scratching  and a tapered handle arrangement to accommodate athletes of various sizes.

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 74 × 65 × 27 cm


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